To provide the world with sustainable premium drinking water in a socially responsible way.

A world where everyone has access to clean (drinking) water.

Our Pillars

Economic Value Creation

Obtaining a steady clean water supply has
become a huge problem in an increasing number of regions. As a result, water prices are rising and will continue to rise for many years to come.
Our solution offers organisations a guaranteed clean water supply, all year round and at a much lower cost. High return on investment guaranteed.

Sustainable Solutions

All our products are powered by renewable energy and are designed to have as little of an impact on the environment as possible. We offer our customers a sustainable long-term solution to their water problem.

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Social Impact

We donate 10% of our profits to our self-managed non-profit organization, Water Heroes, which will distribute our water purification system to those who need it the most. In addition, we cover a great
deal of our non-profit’s overhead costs.

Every customer who buys at
BOSAQ, automatically supports our non-profit organization.


The Origins

Jacob Bossaer is a chemical engineer who spent 4 years on the Princess Elisabeth Station on Antarctica, where he, together with a team of experts, redesigned the water treatment system. That’s where he got the idea to start up BOSAQ. He soon decided to attract 2 partners: Pieter Derboven and Ann-Gaëlle Bekaert. Pieter, a Doctor in chemical engineering, is responsible for technology and innovation. Ann-Gaëlle serves as a counterpart for the two engineers and is responsible for our marketing and communications.

The driving forces

Jacob Bossaer
Pieter Derboven
Ann-Gaëlle Bekaert
Joachim Desloover
Water Engineer

How Antarctica Sparked the idea to build mobile water treatment systems

Honors Awards

  • The Venture - Chivas

    Belgian finalist
    The Venture 2016

  • Trends Magazine

    Startup of the Week
    Trends Magazine

  • Laureate of labor
    Royal Degree

  • Groeiatelier

    Startup of the week

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