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Honors & Awards

we were nominated to various industry awards

Belgian finalist <br>The Venture 2016
Belgian finalist
The Venture 2016
Startup of the Week <br>Trends Magazine
Startup of the Week
Trends Magazine
Laureate of labor <br>Royal Degree
Laureate of labor
Royal Degree
Startup of the week<br>Groeiatelier
Startup of the week


these companies received our top-notch support in water related issues

Water Experts is for Montea a very reliable partner for optimizing the water use at our sites. The team consists of real professionals who know what they’re talking about. They work quickly and efficiently and contact us proactively for helping us to upscale our water use.


a developing investor in logistics real estate
BOSAQ has helped us to search for solutions in order to minimise the water consumption. They examined our situation from scratch and looked for solutions from an ecological and economic point of view.

De Wasstraat

a sustainable carwash
I believe water, being a precious resource, has to be handled with a great amount of care. As an artisan brewery, we were looking for tailor-made solutions for our water management. BOSAQ, therefore, came as a godsend, their approach scaled to the size of our company and was very concrete, meaningful and manageable.

Luc Vermeersch

a sustainable Belgian brewery

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