BOSAQ and TotalEnergies: Future-proof process water supply

Collaboration between BOSAQ and TotalEnergies (Schoten) for process water supply

BOSAQ and TotalEnergies (Schoten) are working towards a future-proof process water supply.

Our water and electromechanical engineers have completed the detailed process design for constructing Q-Drop (40ft), a tailored water purification solution. This unit is designed to provide TotalEnergies, with a reliable source of demineralized water for the production process of coolants to eliminate the dependency on the public drinking water supply network.

Our membrane treatment modules, purify water in two stages to obtain a stable demin-water quality.

  • First, the suspended solids and bacteria are removed through ultrafiltration, and
  • Then the salts are removed in a reverse osmosis step

In line with the vision of TotalEnergies, our cutting-edge innovative technology is being deployed to allow easy adaptation to seasonal changes in the canal water quality and to reduce the growth of biofilm on the RO membranes. The latter significantly reduces the need for chemical cleanings, and the chemical footprint of the entire unit.   In addition to the design, construction, and installation, BOSAQ will also operate and maintain Q-Drop, thereby completely unburdening the client while securing the production of demin-water at the right quality.

Stay tuned for more information on this interesting project.

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