BOSAQ serves purified rainwater to the festival of Dranouter

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BOSAQ serves purified rainwater to the festival of Dranouter

If you visit the Dranouter festival in West Flanders this year, you may even get rainwater to drink there. A BOSAQ installation will purify rainwater into premium drinking water for the visitors throughout the festival. This year, the festival will focus even more on sustainability than in previous editions, for example by wasting as little water as possible.

BOSAQ serves purified rainwater to the festival of Dranouter

BOSAQ is one of the partners that will be present in the eco-village at the festival, as part of WAVE (Water Vision @ Festivals). “We are going to convert rainwater, which is available on the site in a cistern, into mineralized premium drinking water”, says founder and CEO Jacob Bossaer. “We, therefore, make maximum use of the available water on-site to provide festival-goers with sustainable but premium drinking water. This also means no CO2 emissions for transport and no plastic waste.”

In addition to the rainwater treatment of BOSAQ, the urine of the toilets at the beer tent Palace at Dranouter will also be purified into drinking water. This is a project of researchers from Ghent University. “We intend to do a social experiment with the visitors”, says festival employee Jeroen Verdonck in Het Nieuwsblad. “What tastes better: bottled water, tap water, purified rainwater or a glass of purified urine? »
Would you like to know how the purified rainwater from BOSAQ tastes? Come and taste it for yourself at Festival Dranouter on 3, 4 and 5 August.


Jacob Bossaer

Founder & CEO

Jacob is the founder and CEO of BOSAQ. He has founded BOSAQ and Water Heroes to provide a sustainable water solution to the world, right after coming back from one of the most extreme places on earth.

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