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May 7, 2018

Optimisation of water consumption & waste water valorization for SanoRice

On a total discharge of 20m³ per day, BOSAQ helped SanoRice Belgium save more than €10,000 per year!

SanoRice: optimisation of water consumption and waste water valorisation

The challenge

SanoRice Belgium is the largest producer of rice and corn waffles in Europe. Water is used in various rinsing processes and ends up in wastewater treatment with a high COD and suspended matter content. As a result, the company faced a high load on their wastewater treatment and this also resulted in high operational costs.

As an innovative and future-oriented company, SanoRice Belgium came to BOSAQ, initially only to carry out a water audit in which the cooperation was extended to optimize their water consumption and valorization of their wastewater. The company is strongly committed to the conservation of natural resources and was therefore looking for ways to use their water in a more sustainable and efficient way.






The solution

BOSAQ always starts from a holistic approach in which the entire production process is mapped out, to see where optimisations and innovations can be implemented. SanoRice Belgium experienced difficulties with their wastewater treatment and had plans to further expand their production. BOSAQ was commissioned to optimise their wastewater treatment so that they could continue to use it without any problems, even after the expansion.

The far-reaching water audit revealed that the difficulties of the treatment had to be tackled at the source, i.e. at the production process. There it was seen that a considerable amount of rinse oil, as a waste stream, ended up in the water. By means of smart interventions in the production process itself and valorisation of waste flows, BOSAQ has ensured that on a total discharge of 20 m³ per day:


  1. More than 10,000 euros saved annually
  2. Wastewater treatment is now loaded more evenly