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June 4, 2017
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May 7, 2018

Water audit and policy for De Leite brewery

De Leite brewery asked BOSAQ to perform a water audit and devise a clear water management policy. The goal: to reduce the amount of water used during the beer brewing process and to future-proof its business with regards to water use.


The Challenge

Brewing beer is an intense process that requires a lot of water:

  • as an ingredient for the beer
  • to clean the installations
  • to cool the beer

BOSAQ’s goal was to reduce the amount of water used throughout the entire process.


BOSAQ performed a water audit, measuring and analyzing the water use throughout the entire organization. After this analysis, the brewery received a water management plan consisting of 7 steps.

Water/beer ratio

The plan included a wide range of measures to save water, both in the brewing process as on the work floor (e.g. sanitation). For each measure, the estimated ROI was given in order to define priorities and facilitate decision-making.

The goal?
To save at least 25% of water and reduce the water-beer ratio to 4 l of water per liter of beer. This process is still on-going.