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Our Vision

A world where everyone has access to premium drinking water.

Our Mission

To provide the world with sustainable premium drinking water in a socially responsible way

If it is possible to manage water in a sustainable way in the most extreme and remote places in the world, then it must be possible everywhere.

Jacob Bossaer

CEO & Founder of BOSAQ

Water Experts provides integrated & sustainable water management in your organization

We donate 10% of our profit 
to Water Heroes

Produced with BOSAQ technology, our premium water has zero impact on the environment

Antarctica, where it all began...

In 2011, Jacob Bossaer was given the opportunity to design the water treatment system in the Princess Elizabeth station in Antarctica. After spending four seasons in one of the most extreme and lonely places on earth, Jacob understood that there was a need to set up a water company.

He came back to Belgium with the idea of building BOSAQ and worked with talented engineers who had the same vision as he had in mind: to supply the world with sustainable and clean water.

BOSAQ was founded in 2015 from the outset of developing of products and services for the circular economy. The holding now consists of four main parts; the off-grid systems (the technology), Water Experts (the consulting firm), Premium water (Source Zero) and a social purpose (Water Heroes) that provides solutions for everyone who needs drinking water but can’t afford it.

since 2015

The water crisis

billion people

 still do not have toilets or improved latrines.

million people

have no access to safe water.

Essentially, only 

0 %
of the planet’s water

is available for the fuel and nutrition of 6.8 billion people

Excessive abstraction of fresh water to produce bottled water
is a threat to local watercourses and groundwater.

– WorldWatch

Agriculture accounts for

0 %

of freshwater withdrawals
from the market.


0 %

schools do not have access
to safe water and adequate sanitation.

BOSAQ is the first Cleantech Hero

Flanders is totally cleantech! Many companies applied as candidates for the first Cleantech Hero Water technology. However, there can only be one Cleantech Hero for Water technology. And that is BOSAQ, a company that develops innovative technology for decentralised drinking water purification solutions.

More and more companies and organisations are responding to the demand for sustainability. To make their innovative cleantech solutions more widely known, Cleantech Flanders is organising the Cleantech Flanders Hero for the first time this year. Four times a year, an organisation from a different cleantech domain that develops innovative cleantech solutions is rewarded with the prestigious Cleantech Hero label. This year’s first Cleantech Hero label goes to a company that excels in water technology. The themes of circular economy, energy and mobility will follow later this year.

We want to free people from the struggle for access to
drinking water by providing a
sustainable solution
that can purify water anywhere and anytime.
We want to bring equality to societies with a solution that allows them more time for education, employment and a healthy lifestyle.

Why do we do what we do?

Why should you choose us?


Economic value creation


Our solutions offer you a guaranteed high quality drinking water supply & our services help you decrease water consumption, all-year-round.
Sustainable solutions

Sustainable solutions


Our solutions are designed to have the lowest impact on the environment offering you a safe alternative for your water challenges.
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Social impact


In order to maximize our social impact, we donate 10% of all profit to our foundation, Water Heroes, which will distribute our off-grid water purification devices to those in need.

We donate 10% of our profit to Water Heroes

Water Heroes is a self-managed non-profit organization that offers our products to those who need it the most

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We’re on a mission to provide safe and clean water to the world while preserving the environment.

We donate 10% of our profit to Water Heroes