BOSAQ features on KanaalZ

    20180629 Kruishoutem België: Productvoorstelling BOSAQ Waterzuiveringsinstallatie.

    BOSAQ on Kanaal Z: Bosaq develops compact and sustainable water purification unit



    We strive to give an easy solution for water supply in remote locations. From surface water we make drinking water. By working with renewable energy for it’s energy supply we make sure we can work off-grid, ensuring a reliable and steady water supply at all times.


    Perfect applications for SolarAQ I are disaster relief, rural en remote locations in need of a drinking water supply, and military operations who need a fast and safe supply. The systems are very robust and can be operational within minutes.


    This unit is the first in it’s series, currently we are building on bigger models that will enables us to give higher flow rates and thus more liters of drinking water per hour, for larger communities worldwide.


    Written by

    Jacob Bossaer

    Founder & CEO