BOSAQ supporting organizations #LeavingNoOneBehind with a decentralized solution
March 19, 2019

Cooperating with the Zimbabwean ambassador

 Written by Beheyt Sara Marie

Yesterday, our universal device – a decentralized drinking water supply, the SolarAQ – was shown to the ambassador of Zimbabwe where the need for an off-the-grid system providing energy, drinking water and water sanitation is greatly needed.

Jacob began with a presentation of BOSAQ, where he emphasized on the importance of the 10 commandments of our company. Later on, we jaunted to the workshop, where our engineers are currently building our drinking water purification devices. Jacob introduced our device to the ambassador as a solution to aid those communities highly affected by the water crisis in Zimbabwe.

By investing in a durable solution that is striving towards a circular economy, minimizing waste and making the most out of the resources available, governmental bodies are actually investing in a project that will benefit them and the local communities in the long-term. Not to mention that investing in a technology such as ours enables governments to provide a basic human right to everyone – clean water.
The ambassador of Zimbabwe was happily impressed by the mobility and durability of our device which is can be placed in any location benefitting from an access to a source of water and we make sure that our device is user-friendly, durable and requires little to low maintenance.

The meeting was a successful progress towards our vision “A world where everyone has access to clean (drinking) water”, which we follow on a daily basis.

We want to dearly thank Mr. Chifamba for taking a moment to meet us and learn about our on-going projects.