Discover all the benefits of our de-centralized drinking water purification system...

off-grid solution

Our solution can be placed anywhere and is 100% autonomous. All of our devices will charge itself exclusively by renewable energy. Depending on your location, we will offer you with the choice between solar, wind or hydro power.

sustainable drinking water

Our core value is to protect the people and the environment from pollution and illnesses. We, therefore, provide you with the most sustainable option to produce drinking water.

low maintenance

At BOSAQ, we focus on getting top-quality components that we combine together with the best product design to make our end products a trustable and long-term solution for all your water challenges. We ensure you that our device requires little to no maintenance.

Plug and Play

Our engineers have worked on designing a device that is self-explanatory. You just need to assemble our modules together, connect your renewable energy source and start drinking water almost instantly.

remote monitoring

The SolarAQ is equipped with a remote monitoring system allowing us to check the quality of the water you are drinking but also the status and performance of our device from anywhere and at all times.

Cheaper drinking water

The SolarAQ offers a cheaper and more sustainable alternative compared to the bottled water industry. With our system, you produce water on-site, eliminating the need for plastic bottle transport and the different taxes applied along with them.

Patented technology

We always focus on having the lowest impact on the environment. Therefore, we avoid using chemicals for the maintenance of our membranes inside our devices.


We re-mineralize your water. This gives you the option to have customized water but also to be sure that the water that you are drinking is of the safest and the best quality.


As a company, we want to help those in need. We therefore give 10% of our benefits to our dearest self-managed non profit organization, Water Heroes