Benefits for governments

we support governments reach 100% drinking water coverage and meet the sdgs

By 2040, no less than 33 countries will face extremely high water stress Governments need to act now if they are to face this looming water crisis.

BOSAQ is ready to help governments tackle the water crisis and provide their communities with a scalable and future-proof decentralized solution

Our SolarAQ water purification system will offer your local communities a steady self-sustainable drinking water supply

The result for your community?

  • More time for development (school, agriculture, building a business, etc.)
  • Less water-related diseases;
  • A better and more stable economy

Our drinking water is a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to bottled water. We only make use of renewable energy sources and our system produces the water on-site, eliminating the need for plastic bottle transport.

Our solutions

Why use SolarAQ for your drinking water supply

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The SolarAQ offers a cheaper and more sustainable alternative. With our system, you produce water on-site, eliminating the need for plastic bottle transport and the different taxes implied with them.

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We focus on getting top-quality components that we combine together with the best product design to make our end-products a trustable and long-term solution for all your water challenges. We ensure you that our device requires little to no maintenance.

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Our core value is to protect the people and the environment from pollution and illnesses. We, therefore, provide you with the most sustainable option to produce drinking water.

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We always focus on having the lowest impact on the environment. Therefore, we avoid using chemicals for the maintenance of our membranes inside our devices.