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We treat any water up to drinking water quality in remote areas with our industrial decentralized drinking water system

If you are looking for a tailored SolarAQ model that can be used in your industry, we could make it happen!

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solar aq industrial
An example of customized SolarAQ solution

Possible applications of SolarAQ I


Take a look at how we served purified surface water at the Tomorrowland.


Where people have limited access to safe drinking water – like in Rwanda. Read more about this showcase.


No matter what happened, if you need a reliable source of water, you can rely on the SolarAQ.

Military missions

To provide a stable water source, the SolarAQ system is always there for you.

Why use SolarAQ for your water supply?

Discover all the benefits of our solution

Off-grid solution

Remote monitoring

Sustainable drinking water

Cheaper drinking water

Low maintenance

Patented technology

SolarAQ products meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by UN

“Ensure availability and sustainable management
of water and sanitation for all”

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