Benefits for defence & military

Keeping troops healthy and secure with the
SolarAQ-Military: mobile drinking water unit.
Plug and play, anywhere and anytime.

Sickness among the troops can have a devastating effect on the result of your operations. Drinking from contaminated water sources can cause severe diarrhea and other waterborne diseases.


We want to help you prevent that from happening. Our compact SolarAQ water purification system is easy to transport and will give your troops the opportunity to turn water from rivers, ponds, lakes or even the sea into drinking water. Your troops no longer need to go out and look for clean water, which heavily reduces the risk of hostile encounters.

We use renewable energy as our only power source, making SolarAQ the perfect off-grid solution for military operations. The robust units can be set up within minutes, giving your troops the steady and secure water supply they need to make their operation a success.

Why use SolarAQ for your water supply in defence and military?

off grid solution icon

Off-grid solution

Our solution is equipped with renewable energy features meaning it can be installed anywhere. It starts charging itself instantly and can be used almost instantaneously.

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Remote monitoring

The SolarAQ is equipped with a remote monitoring system, allowing us to check its status and performance from anywhere at all times.

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Plug & play

The SolarAQ’s design is easy and intuitive and can be set up within minutes. The system can start producing safe drinking water almost upon arrival.

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Low maintenance

Top-quality materials in combination with good product design result in a steady, long-term solution for your water challenges that requires little to no maintenance.