From water audit to
awareness creation and

Water prices are rising and will continue to rise for many years to come. So what does this mean for your organization? That’s right: annually increasing costs. In addition, more and more companies and customer want to buy from a company that takes its responsibility towards its stakeholders the environment.

BOSAQ helps you to become a more sustainable organization and to control and reduce the cost of water. We guide you all the way through the process,from the start with a water audit to the implementation of the sustainable water management policy we’ve set out for your organization.

7 steps towards a
Sustainable Water
Management Plan

BOSAQ has developed a unique approach to analyze your organization’s water usage and to help you use water more efficiently and sustainably. Our goal: to help you save water and money.

We need 7 steps to devise a sustainable water management policy that includes a water policy for both the short and the long term. Want to know what those steps are? Contact us and we’ll be glad to share our vision with you.

Data, Analytics and Visualisation

BOSAQ is in partnership with Strategic Water, bringing the power of data science into the water and sanitation sector. This allows us to dig deep into your data with state-of-the-art analysis and return clear, informative and beautiful visualisations to your team, your stakeholders and and your clients.

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Water: a precious commodity

Water is becoming a precious commodity. That’s why regulatory regimes continue to set stricter limits on what can be discharged into sewers and rivers. The result: higher wastewater disposal costs.
Evidently, this puts pressure on organizations to reuse and recycle their process water. Not only to save costs, but also because it offers them a competitive advantage.

Comply with water discharge regulations

BOSAQ will help you to comply with local water discharge regulations by setting up a water treatment system tailored to your needs and your specific situation. Our technology will remove all persistent micro-pollutants in order to ensure an optimal water quality.

Reusing or recycling your water

BOSAQ can turn your wastewater into a precious resource. Helping you to generate reusable water, we will let you capture the full value of your wastewater. Reduce your impact on the environment by reusing or recycling your water.


Water: our core business

At BOSAQ we only have one focus: water. We understand your core business is completely different. That’s why we are probably a perfect match. When you work with us, those water bills that get more expensive every year become our problem.

Complex Water Challenges

With more than 4 years of experience working on the water treatment system of the Princess Elisabeth Station on Antarctica, BOSAQ is used to handle the most complex water challenges.