Water: a precious commodity

Water is becoming a precious commodity. That’s why regulatory regimes continue to set stricter limits on what can be discharged into sewers and rivers. The result: higher wastewater disposal costs.
Evidently, this puts pressure on organizations to reuse and recycle their process water. Not only to save costs, but also because it offers them a competitive advantage.

Comply with water discharge regulations

BOSAQ will help you to comply with local water discharge regulations by setting up a water treatment system tailored to your needs and your specific situation. Our technology will remove all persistent micro-pollutants in order to ensure an optimal water quality.

Reusing or recycling your water

BOSAQ can turn your wastewater into a precious resource. Helping you to generate reusable water, we will let you capture the full value of your wastewater. Reduce your impact on the environment by reusing or recycling your water.

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