In order to increase our social impact, we donate 10%
of our profits to Water Heroes, a self-managed
non-profit organization that offers our products to
those who need it the most. By making use of our services, your organization automatically supports Water Heroes

Sustainability as a core driver

For every choice we make, we ask ourselves three questions:


  • Does this positively affect our customer?
  • Is there a fit with our company’s pillars?
  • What’s the impact on the environment and how
    can we do better?

Sustainable products

BOSAQ commits itself to only work with sustainable products produced by organizations that strive to reduce their environmental impact. For every product choice, we will keep in mind the product’s footprint throughout its entire life cycle.

Helping organizations to save water

Water-stress and scarcity is becoming one of the biggest challenges worldwide. Too few organizations (especially in the developed countries) understand that water is a precious resource.
We help organizations to become aware of the water issues and to make sure their stakeholders understand the value of water. And most importantly, we help them to act accordingly and to reduce their water use every day. The result:  less water used, less money spent.

Your contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

One of the goals defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals is to ‘substantially increase water-use efficiency across all sectors’ and to ‘implement integrated water resources management at all levels’ by 2030.
We will help you to implement an integrated, sustainable water management system that makes sure your organization contributes to the worldwide efforts to reach Goal 6 targets.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals