Danny Defour


Danny is our technician at BOSAQ. From a very young age, Danny has always had a passion for building things with his own hands and with great passion has learned almost everything by himself. Over the years, he gained an interesting experience in many industries and valuable knowledge with the different positions he had during his career making him the perfect fit for our engineering team at BOSAQ.

For a very long time, Danny was self-employed. He recalls this experience as being something he loved to do when in his younger days so he could travel across many European countries to do what he loves.

During this experience, he acquired experience as a technician for the biggest DC-motors but also in building machinery (from drawing, programming, building but also electrical). Citing one of his biggest projects where he had to set up an automatic welding machine design for making lead pipes.

He decided to stay around for his family and worked in different industries in Belgium (brewery, dairy and also the public sector) where he was supervising teams as a maintenance manager but also had inputs as an engineer.

Danny then worked for a production company where he was the leader of the maintenance department. From this experience, although very interesting and fruitful, he missed having more manual & field-work but also a better balance between personal and working life to spend more time with his family.

It brought him to another journey with BOSAQ. Joining BOSAQ was appealing to him as he could get the right position fitting is wishes. He also liked the sustainable vision and innovativeness of BOSAQ. Building systems that are tested on the field has been one of the main factors that motivated him to join us.

In his free time, Danny enjoys building 3D puppets models and miniatures in his own workshop. He also loves spending time together with his wife and 4 children

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