Erika Fiset

R&D Engineer


Erika is our Research & Development Engineer at BOSAQ. She has a proven track record in R&D with a focus in electrochemical processes, wastewater treatment and renewable energies.

After acquiring her first degree in Chemistry in Canada, where she comes from, Erika took the decision to go after a Ph.D. in Nanomaterials at the University of Queensland in Australia.

After successfully completing her Ph.D., she has gained a lot of professional experience as a researcher and has worked on several projects in Environmental Awareness, Biotechnology and Water Resource Management. During those years, she has moved to France, Korea, Australia and Canada, always for work purposes.

She proudly joined BOSAQ because of the young and energetic team but most importantly because of the vision, which entirely fits her personality, and the projects she is working on. Together with the technology team, she is developing the different decentralized water purification devices, the Q-Drop I, II and the industrial purification devices.

In her free time, Erika loves to climb and hike together with her family.

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