Joachim Desloover

Water Engineer

Joachim is our water engineer here at BOSAQ.

While having some of the most valuable expertise in wastewater treatment, drinking water purification and water reuse, Joachim plays a huge role at BOSAQ.

He is a real team player and likes to be involved in complex water challenges projects.

With his sound engineering knowledge and his willingness to learn and build innovative technologies, Joachim found his ultimate playground at BOSAQ. He is, together with his colleagues Pieter and Ward, part of the team that is responsible for the design and construction of the decentralised water purification systems.

Starting university in Environmental Engineering, Joachim always had the interest to find sustainable biological solutions that would sustain, restore and improve the quality of life for humans and the environment. For this reason, he decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Applied Biological Sciences in UGent where he extensively investigated water treatment and water reuse technologies.
After graduating, he gained some valuable industry experience as the person responsible for the operation of full-scale wastewater and process water treatment installations.
In his spare time, Joachim likes to travel with his family and is always up for a sport challenge with his friends.

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