Kim Baert

Water Expert


Kim is our technical consultant at BOSAQ. Together with the consultancy team, she is tackling the water challenges and implementing water-saving measures to help and raise awareness on the water scarcity challenges.

In 2017, after getting her Master degree as a Bio-engineer at UGent, Kim has gained experience as a project engineer where for more than a year, she was modelling, designing and drawing sewer systems. During those years, the biggest part of her job consisted of consulting private households on how to separate their rainwater from their sewage in view of being in line with the regulations.
When she saw the opportunity to work for BOSAQ, it made sense for her to join a team with the same interests as hers but most importantly with a real passion for the water technology sector.

Seeing the current water challenges, she is now working towards the vision of Water Experts and putting it into action every single day to sensitize the world. Having an impact on a social scale also drove her to become part of BOSAQ as she volunteered in Zambia to help vulnerable girls getting an education and acquiring self-confidence.

Outside of work, you might find Kim on a run or walk outdoors or performing Folk or African dance moves, which reminds her of her past experiences abroad. But while being abroad, she appreciates scuba-diving diving to admire the peacefulness and sights of the big blue.

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