Wardje Maes

Production Engineer & Workshop Manager

Wardje Maes

As a Research and Development Engineer, Wardje is responsible for the practical design and construction of BOSAQ’s project installations - The Q-Drop.

Wardje has always had a passion for manual work but most specifically building, repairing and designing objects and systems. With his very practical background, Wardje is a professional and skilled hands-on guy, he can repair and build almost anything.
Since a very young age, he always had an interest in electromechanics which is the reason behind his choice of pursuing a degree in electromechanics and automation. After getting his bachelor's, he decided to continue studying to become an Industrial Engineer in Electromechanics at the university KU Leuven Technologiecampus Gent.
With the different inputs he gets from our water engineers at the technology department of BOSAQ, Wardje combines his professional talents to find the most compacted and sustainable solution including all the selected components into one single installation.

When out of the office, you might find Ward building objects, repairing and/or helping others on the practical side of life.

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