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The Water Hero label can only be achieved through serious water saving measures. This label guarantees
that labeled organizations are taking serious efforts to
actively calculate and reduce their water use.

How to get the Water Hero


A customer of BOSAQ doesn’t automatically receive the Water Hero Label. BOSAQ only gives the Water Hero Label to organizations that take serious efforts to continuously reduce their water use.

In order to get the label, companies need to have a Sustainable Water Management Policy meeting our criteria, a well thought-out action plan and clear long-term goals. BOSAQ can guide you through this process, every step of the way.

A more sustainable image for your organization

More and more companies and consumers want to buy from sustainable companies that take their responsibility towards the environment and their stakeholders.

The Water Hero Label proves your organization’s commitment to use water more sustainably and to help tackle the looming global water crisis. The label is, hence, a great tool to strengthen your sustainable image and convince consumers and companies that you’re the right sustainable partner for them.

Saving Water, Saving Money

Not only does the Water Hero Label put you on the radar of companies and consumers looking to buy sustainably, it also helps you to save money. It’s quite simple: the cost of water is increasing and will continue to increase, so saving water also means saving money. The environment wins and so do you. What more can you wish for?

Supporting Water Heroes

BOSAQ donates 10% of its profits to Water Heroes, a self-managed non-profit organization that distributes BOSAQ’s water purification system to those who need it the most. So whoever works with BOSAQ automatically supports our non-profit organization and its goal to give everyone on the planet access to sustainable drinking water.

Water Heroes

Be one of the first organizations to get the Water Hero Label.