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September 4, 2019
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September 4, 2019

We are looking for a Research and Development Water Technologist

Are you looking for a career in which you make a difference in the world? Are you passionate to resolve the looming water crisis? This is your chance!

At BOSAQ, every team member works towards the same goal: To create a world where everyone has access to clean water!

  • We help organizations to save water and money, by integrating a sustainable (waste)water management policy.
  • We build modular water purification systems that turn salt, brackish and fresh water (from the sea, rivers, lakes, rain, …) into drinking water with renewable energy.
  • We provide premium drinking water in a sustainable way
  • We and our customers support vulnerable local communities by providing a steady, sustainable source of clean drinking water through our non-profit Water Heroes. 

Your role at BOSAQ?

As an R&D Water Technologist, you are responsible for the research driven development and integration of innovative water treatment processes in our modular off-grid water purification installations:

  • You perform dedicated practical research on innovative drinking water treatment processes;
  • You investigate, develop and integrate membrane treatment and drinking water disinfection technologies via innovative principles;
  • You are able to manage a research project from A to Z, including the control of budgets, scope time and schedule;
  • You are driven by challenges and convert this drive into good working ethics;
  • You use your expertise in the assembly, process monitoring and control of our water purification systems;
  • You get energy from international adventures, often located in amazing places.


  • You are a research engineer with strong affinity for the water sector, and who wants to make a difference with his/her knowledge;
  • You have a passion for research that leads to innovative practical applications within the water sector;
  • You have a strong background in electrochemical processes and advanced oxidation processes;
  • You challenge yourself and you dare to think outside the box;
  • You are able to self-manage your task load in a structural way and define clear priorities, goals and targets;
  • You are able to report and present results concise and to-the-point.


You will feel like a fish in our water if …

You like an honest, straightforward and to-the-point communication in Dutch or English (open feedback and even criticism make us all better)

  • Integrity is one of your key values
  • You love a ‘work hard-play hard’ culture of a pleasant and dynamic start-up.
  • You are a team player, with a large sense of responsibility and who likes to take initiative
  • You are creative
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously


  • Your technical skills and experience;
  • Your motivation;
  • Your optimism;
  • Your integrity;
  • Your ‘open mind’ thinking;
  • Your ‘never give up’ spirit.

… Your passion to create a world where everyone has access to clean water


  • BOSAQ will change the world, and we give you the chance of being part of it. 
  • We’re a fast-growing start-up with a large economic, ecological, social and international ambition. 
  • At BOSAQ, we value your talent and value your opinion
  • You will be part of a young believers’ team who is interested of every inputs you provide.

Your commitment is key to help us reach our goals and your happiness on the job is key to guarantee that commitment.
BOSAQ will do anything that’s within its power to help you be happy and do your job in the best possible way.


You would like to join our team?

Let us know your value for BOSAQ at talent@bosaq.com

LET’S create a world where everyone has access to clean water!