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Are you looking for a career in which you make a difference in the world? Are you passionate to resolve the looming water crisis? This is your chance!

Are you looking for a career in which you make a difference in the world? Are you passionate to resolve the looming water crisis? This is your chance!

At BOSAQ, every team member works towards the same goal: To create a world where everyone has access to clean water!

  • We help organizations to save water and money, by integrating a sustainable (waste)water management policy.
  • We build modular water purification systems that turn salt, brackish and freshwater (from the sea, rivers, lakes, rain, …) into drinking water with renewable energy.
  • We provide premium drinking water in a sustainable way
  • We and our customers support vulnerable local communities by providing a steady, sustainable source of clean drinking water through our non-profit Water Heroes. 

Your role at BOSAQ?

As a software engineer within our growing company, your job description is very broad, challenging and different. For our technology department we are looking for a software engineer / programmer who wants to take on both PLC programming and IOT development. It is not a requirement to have experience in all areas, although it is a plus. It is especially important that you are flexible and eager to learn.  This, of course, in cooperation with your colleagues, don’t have to do everything alone. In the long term, more software engineers will join, and you can indicate in which direction you want to continue to grow. On top of this, BOSAQ offers a flexible training package to allow you to specialize and deepen your knowledge.

Software Engineer Functional Description
Software Engineer Functional Description
  • PLC & HMI:
    • Optimization & monitoring the standardization within the software
    • Developing software for new installations and maintaining/optimizing the software for existing installations.
    • Designing and improving user interfaces and HMI
    • PLC programming with Wago (Codesys)
  • IOT / Cloud
    • Creating & maintaining IOT cloud environment in Microsoft Azure IOT Central or equal.
    • Setting up data captation, visualization and reporting (both in PLC and in Azure Cloud)
    • Develop and maintain Remote management of installations via VPN
    • Set up and configure Routers in the installations
    • Setting up and maintaining machine learning and predictive maintenance in Azure
    • (co)Development of new IOT devices and applications
  • You work closely with the design and R&D department to improve the designs of new and existing
  • You work together with colleagues, every project is a team effort.
  • You report progress, challenges, possible diversions, opportunities.


  • You have a technical degree (a2 or Bachelor electromechanics) or training in ICT
  • You feel at home behind a computer screen
  • You have experience with:
    • PLC software (preferably codesys, anders Tia portal, Twincat,…)
    • Java, .net, C, Pyton (not required but a plus)
    • Networking and industrial communications
    • Office apps
  • ICT in general
  • You are interested in IOT and new developments in this regard.
  • You are interested in industrial automation.
  • You are hands-on
  • You love building and creating new things
  • You work organized and structured
  • You challenge yourself and you dare to think out of the box
  • You’re a real team player
  • You are proactive and always think a step further
  • Quality is your main concern; you want to excel in your work
  • Safety is always the top priority
  • You are quick in understanding and mastering new knowledge
  • You love innovation
  • You are fluent in English and Dutch (all software and comments are written in English) 


You will feel like a fish in our water if …

You like an honest, straightforward and to-the-point communication in Dutch or English. (open feedback and even criticism make us all better) 

  • Integrity is one of your key values
  • You love a ‘work hard-play hard’ culture of a pleasant and dynamic start-up.
  • You are a team player, with a large sense of responsibility and who likes to take initiative. 
  • You are socially engaged and you believe in the power of ‘business as a force for good’. 
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously.


  • Your motivation
  • Your optimism 
  • Your integrity
  • Your open mindedness
  • Your ‘never give up’ spirit

… Your passion to create a world where everyone has access to clean water 


  • BOSAQ will change the world, and we give you the chance of being part of it.
  • BOSAQ is a fast-growing start-up with a large economic, ecological, social and international ambition. 
  • Your opinion counts at the highest level: we value your talent and value your opinion. 
  • You will be part of a young believers’ team who is interested in your ideas.

Your commitment is the key to help us reach our goals. Your happiness on the job is key to guarantee that commitment.

BOSAQ will do anything that’s within its power to help you be happy and do your job in the best possible way.


You would like to join our team?

Let us know your value for BOSAQ at talent@bosaq.com

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Let's create a world where everyone has access to clean water!

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