Starting in Antarctica

BOSAQ’s story started at one of the most remote and hostile environments on this planet: the Princess Elisabeth Station in Antarctica. Jacob Bossaer, CEO and founder of BOSAQ, had spent 5 consecutive seasons on an expedition to Antarctica as a water engineer. The whole station operated in a smart and circular way to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. While creating the circular water loop, Jacob became more aware of the global water challenges.

Jacob teamed up with his long-standing trusted friend, Pieter Derboven to found BOSAQ in 2017 with the ambition to provide the world with clean and safe drinking water in a decentralized way. 

«To provide the world
with sustainable premium drinking water
in a socially responsible way»
Technological excellence

Jacob’s experience and Pieter’s technical expertise contributed to establishing BOSAQ as an innovative water technology company. In 2018, Joachim Desloover and Wardje Maes also joined the team. Their cooperation resulted in the Q-Drop, a decentralized drinking water purification installation, 100% powered by renewable energy.

Joachim Desloover, a Bioengineer and a Doctorate in Applied biological Sciences, together with Wardje Maes, an industrial engineer, designed the first installation of Q-Drop. Pieter, who holds a doctorate in Chemical Technology, contributed to providing innovative and tailored water-management solutions eliminating the use of chemicals and a minimum maintenance requirement. The focus of technology is circular water with the lowest total cost of ownership to help companies and governments save water and money.

A holistic view of
the water landscape

In 2019, BOSAQ sold its first contract to the government of Suriname initiating the business-to-government sales approach, the best approach to reach a high tangible impact.

Tom Vandekerckhove, with a Doctorate in Applied Biological Sciences, joined the team and together with Joachim Desloover created and expanded the second leg of the business i.e. Water Experts. Water Experts is the consultancy business unit that works closely with governments and corporations to implement integrated water management with the ultimate goal to save water and money.


In 2021, BOSAQ technology shifted its focus from being an exclusive B2G business unit to including B2B in its scope.

BOSAQ's work and positive impact have been well recognized over the years and it was awarded the first Cleantech Hero award by CleanTech Flanders and the Energy Globe Award by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) in 2021. 

BOSAQ is well respected and recognized by its customers, partners, and institutions for its innovative technology, and quality of services resulting in a benchmark for the sector both in Belgium and internationally. 

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