We secure your water

No water - no production

Why do you need
to secure

Water is essential to secure production and generate economic value. Our planet is full of water, but the supply may not be easily accessible everywhere and at all times. The quality or supply of water may be insufficient, the prices may be too high, and the source could be depleted. Therefore, forward-looking companies adopt a circular water management approach.

By securing the water supply, companies are unburdened and can focus on their core economic activities.

How do we treat
your water

BOSAQ specializes in providing innovative and tailored water-management solutions to save water and money, for optimal water cycles.

At BOSAQ, we have a robust model to support our customers from the beginning with feasibility studies till the end of implementation – including advice on the best financial systems.

We treat any type of water into process water, tailored to your needs, with plug & play containerized solutions.


Our state-of-the-art technological product, Q-Drop, is able to purify all types of water sources (including sea, rain, lake, river, borehole, and wastewater) into process water.

Q-Drop ensures on/off-grid, plug and play decentralized modular solutions with no chemical handling (ElectroClean) maintenance requirements, and makes use of IoT (smart sensoring and online cloud monitoring) for remote monitoring and operation of installations.

Q-drop models

Q-Drop series includes specific solutions depending on various water sources. These series cater to different processing capacities depending on your need to produce any water into high-quality water.

for used water (reuse)
for rainwater (reuse)
For river water
For borehole water
For seawater

Examples of projects

Key benefits


off grid solution icon
Our solution can be placed anywhere, is 100% autonomous, and can be off-grid or on-grid. 


remote monitoring icon
Q-Drop is equipped with a remote monitoring system, allowing us to check its status and performance from anywhere at all times.


low maintenance icon
We use top-quality components that are combined with the best product design to make our installations a trustable and long-term solution for all your water challenges. 

NO Chemical 

patented technology icon
Our patented technology eliminates the need and cost of the supply and storage of chemicals for membrane cleaning.

and play

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Our technology is ready to use. The modules are assembled, and connected to renewable energy or grid for process water treatment.


Our smart engineering approach allows easy transport, delivery & set-up resulting in quick deployment and instant process water treatment.
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