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No water - no life

Why do you need to secure water

Water is essential to life on earth. Securing the supply of drinking water helps communities achieve economical and societal development. Having adequate access to drinking water fosters gender equality, reduces inequalities, and is a base for other pillars of the society like education, infrastructure, energy, etc.

We support governments and organizations by providing clean and safe drinking water to their communities in a sustainable manner. We also facilitate the payment process by making it possible to pay with an off-bank payment system. BOSAQ takes up the entire responsibility for logistics, installation, maintenance, knowledge transfer, financial inclusion, and social integration. Thereby, completely unburdening the governments and organizations.

How do we treat
water for communities

BOSAQ specializes in providing innovative and tailored water-management solutions to save water and money, for optimal water cycles.

At BOSAQ, we have a robust model to support our customers from the beginning till the end of implementation – including advice on the best financial systems.

We treat any type of water into clean drinking water, tailored to your needs, with plug & play containerized solutions.


Our state-of-the-art technological product, Q-Drop, is able to purify all types of water sources (including sea, rain, lake, river, borehole, and wastewater) into clean drinking water. Q-Drop ensures on/off-grid, plug and play decentralized modular solutions with no chemical handling (ElectroClean) maintenance requirements, and makes use of IoT (smart sensoring and online cloud monitoring) for remote monitoring and operation of installations.

Q-drop models

Q-Drop series includes specific solutions depending on various water sources. These series cater to different processing capacities depending on your need to produce any water into high-quality water.

For river water
For borehole water
For seawater
for used water (reuse)
for rainwater (reuse)

Examples of projects

BOSAQ is implementing a drinking water project in Suriname in which five different villages with around 3,000 people will be provided with clean drinking water, based entirely on renewable energy by using Q-Drop, our state-of-the-art decentralized drinking water unit. The availability of drinking water will stimulate micro-development and will allow for year-round education.

In recognition of its efforts, BOSAQ was awarded the Energy Globe award in 2021.

Discover more about how our team and state-of-the-art technology, made it happen.
Our partners for Suriname project
Our state-of-the-art water technology, Q-Drop will process the collected rainwater to clean and safe drinking water and provide easy access to over 1,500 schoolchildren at Mutete Parish, Rwanda. 

We are working, on this project, with our partners De Watergroep, Parish OLV of KIBEHO in Mutete, Umubano, HoWest and VPWvO: Vlaams Partnerschap Water voor Ontwikkeling and thanks to the funding by the Departement Omgeving. BOSAQ - We secure your water!

Our partners for Rwanda project

Q-Drop Key benefits

drinking water

cheaper drinking water icon
Q-Drop offers a cheaper, and more sustainable solution. Our installations produce water on-site, eliminating the need for transportation of plastic bottles and associated taxes.


low maintenance icon
We use top-quality components that are combined with the best product design to make our installations a reliable, and long-term solution for all your water challenges.


patented technology icon
We live by the philosophy of continuous improvement, to provide our customers with the best available solution. We have 3 patents and continue to do research for having other patents.

drinking water

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We believe in protecting the people and environment from pollution and illnesses. We, therefore, provide you with the most sustainable option to produce drinking water.
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