Our solutions


With Q-Drop, we provide innovative modular technology for decentralized drinking water production and industrial process water reuse


Water Experts

Through Water Experts, we provide consultancy 
for integrated and sustainable 
water management

BOSAQ collaborates with multiple stakeholders

  • Industries by providing containerized solutions, especially in the Food & Beverage, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical sector for circular water use.
  • Governments by providing decentralized drinking water purification systems to help communities in remote areas.
  • Additionally, we also offer a broad range of integrated water management services through Water Experts to save water and money.

No water - no life

Providing communities with high-quality, healthy drinking water in a sustainable manner

No water - no production

Our tailored solution for your organization. 
Let us know the parameters that you are interested in, and we provide a tailor-made solution

Our unique offer for you

cheaper drinking water icon

Lowest total cost 
of ownership

Our technology ensures low maintenance and low energy use over the lifetime of the product.
off grid solution icon

operational control

Our technology ensures consistent water supply and maximum uptime.
patented technology icon

NO Chemical 

Our patented technology eliminates the need for the supply (cost) and storage of chemicals for membrane cleaning to maximize sustainability.
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