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Depending on how the water is used in the company, the source of water, and the application of the water within the process, the payback time for water reuse can differ. Most of the projects demand a payback time of fewer than three years. In this setup, CAPEX-driven projects make financial sense. As soon as the payback time of a water reuse project exceeds three years, Water-As-A-Service (WAAS) becomes an ideal financial solution.

capex driven 

In a conventional way, companies fix an investment budget for an operational year. These budgets are invested in the most important operations of the company, depending on the investment strategy, cash availability, and return on investments on these projects, the company decides if the investment will take place. In some cases, this results in direct investment in water reuse projects. If payback times are less than three years and the clients are willing to invest in the water reuse project, then BOSAQ can provide its technology for a lump sum payment. This is the most known approach for investment projects. However, recycled water can also be sold as a service. 

opex driven 

Water-As-A-Service is a concept where the client does not invest in the hardware of the water purification installation. This is then done by BOSAQ, especially for projects with a higher payback time. This financing is an ideal solution for the future without investing with own capital. With WAAS, BOSAQ pays for the investment and the client pays per cubic meter of water used. On top of that, WAAS enables the client to focus on its core business while BOSAQ operates and maintains water reuse systems for the client.

combination of 
capex and opex projects

It is possible to combine both CAPEX and OPEX-driven projects. This is done by selling hardware to the client at a reduced price combined with OPEX per cubic meter for operational maintenance. The idea of all these financing options is to increase both flexibility and convenience while investments go to the core activities of the client. 

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