SolarAQ I is a modular water
purification system that converts
salt, brackish and fresh water
(from the sea, rivers, lakes, rain, …)
into drinking water.

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Renewable Energy

The SolarAQ is powered exclusively by renewable energy. Whether we choose for solar, wind or hydro power depends on your location.


Tailored size and water production

The SolarAQ is available in a mobile, skid and container format. You can choose your format according to the amount of sustainable drinking water you need, ranging from 50 to 4,000 liters per hour.

No impact on ecosystem

The SolarAQ produces no waste streams and is engineered to have no impact on the surrounding ecosystem at all.


(No) Plug & Play

The SolarAQ’s intuitive design makes for an easy installation and understanding of how our system works. The system can start producing drinking water almost upon arrival.

Long-term, low-maintenance solution

Our choice for sustainable, top-quality materials in combination with our well-thought-out product design results in a steady, long-term solution for your water problem that requires little to no maintenance.

Remote monitoring

The SolarAQ is equipped with a remote monitoring system, allowing us to check its status and performance from anywhere at all times.


Water Sources

The SolarAQ is able to convert virtually any water
source into sustainable drinking water:

DesalinationSea Water

50 / 200 / 1000 I/h
River water purificationRiver Water

200 / 800 / 4000 I/h
lake water purificationLake Water

200 / 800 / 4000 I/h
rain water harvesting & purificationRain Water Harvesting
& Purification

200 / 800 / 4000 l/h

Purification Process


Pre-filtration: Solid particles are removed by letting
the water pass through a specifically designed
pre-filtration unit meeting influent standards.

2Reverse osmosis, UF & NF

We mainly use RO because it’s the best available
technology to remove

  • parasites like the E. Coli Bacteria,
    Cryptosporidium and Giardia, …
  • heavy metals like copper, lead, chrome,
    mercury, cadmium, barium, …
  • chemicals like nitrates, pesticides,
    fluoride, selenium, …

3Mineral filter

We add minerals to flavor the water, making it ready
for you to drink. Upon clients’ request, the taste of
our water can be tailored.

Renewable Energy

The SolarAQ water purification system
is powered by solar, wind, hydropower
or any other type of renewable energy
source, depending on the location
where the system will be installed.

Our technology explained


Be a water Hero

In order to increase our social impact, we
donate 10% of our profits to Water Heroes,
a self-managed non-profit organization that
offers our products to those who need it
the most.

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