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The SolarAQ Overview

The SolarAQ are modular decentralized drinking water purification systems that convert any type of water (salt, brackish, river, lake and borehole) into high-quality premium drinking water.

We have designed and developed the SolarAQ in order to support governments and organizations finding a fast way to provide drinking water to their communities with an autonomous and off–the-grid drinking water purification system.

The SolarAQ is available in three different sizes:

The SolarAQ is powered by solar energy, but can be connected to any renewable energy sources (wind, hydropower, …) or the electricty grid. Depending on your needs, we can add features such as mobile payment, wi-fi hotspots and external lights.

Why use SolarAQ for your drinking water supply?

SolarAQ products meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN

“Ensure availability and sustainable management
of water and sanitation for all”


The SolarAQ is an unique patented off-grid drinking water purification system that allows anyone having an accessible source of water to get safe drinking water of the highest quality.


The SolarAQ is powered solely by renewable energy and consists of top-quality components making them operate anywhere, from the most extreme to the most remote area on the planet.


Our systems are one of the only off-the-grid options that produce premium drinking water. They are modular, sustainable and are specifically designed to be easily deployed anywhere in the world.

Fast Deployment

Our smart engineering approach allows easy transport, delivery & set-up. This means our systems can be deployed to your communities very quickly and you can start producing drinking water instantly.

Best Quality

Our objective is to make sure that the materials we work with are of the best quality to ensure ensure you that no maintenance is needed for minimum 3 years.


Our devices include smart sensoring and online cloud monitoring, allowing us to make sure that you always have the highest drinking water quality at-hand and the easiest experience.

Technological Excellence​

How do we make sustainable drinking water from your at-hand water source, using only renewable energy?

Even More SolarAQ Benefits

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Providing clean drinking water in a sustainable way to remote areas is only one of the many advantages.
Discover all other advantages of our technology

Off-grid solution

Remote monitoring

Sustainable drinking water

Cheaper drinking water

Low maintenance

Patented technology