BOSAQ paves the way for sustainable clean drinking water in the inland of Suriname

BOSLANTI - Residents of the Boslanti village and nearby communities in the Matawaige area in Suriname have seen their dream come true when safe drinking water came out of their tap. It was a moment of emotion for the local community but also for BOSAQ who inaugurated its very first water purification plant that purifies the water from the river nearby into drinking water.

05/12/2020 - Jacob Bossaer, CEO BOSAQ, Mayor Doc Emanuel, ministers David Abiamofo (Natural Resources) and Gracia Emanuel (Regional Development and Sport) and governor Bojansky officially launched the purification system on Saturday 5th December 2020.

"The provision of clean drinking water in a decentralized way through this BOSAQ system is of vital importance for this government in our aim to develop the inland of Suriname. My ministry gladly helps to realize this objective."

Gracia Emanuel - Minister of regional development and sport of Suriname

To prove that the water is safe and for the community around the village, the fellow villagers were invited to an event hosted by the government so all villagers could drink together from the tap. The head of the village assured that the local community will see to it that the installation is used properly and contribute to maintain the system and project.

"BOSAQ has helped us to provide one of the most important basic rights for the Suriname population, healthy drinking water. As part of SDG 6 of the United Nations, drinking water is a focal point of our government and we would like to put our shoulders to it to eventually be able to provide everyone in Suriname with safe drinking water"

David Abiamofo – Minister of Natural Resources of Suriname

The water purification system purifies the water from the nearby river autonomously, which allows all contaminants; such as bacteria, viruses, and suspended solids to be removed from the water. With the increased challenges in water pollution and unhealthy drinking water in remote areas, D. Abiamofo says: "The risk that the river's water may be polluted by gold mining is also present, so it is really important that we bring healthy and clean drinking water to the people."

Boslanti is the first village where the Q-Drop has been installed. It is planned that four more villages in the Upper Suriname area will be equipped with the Q-Drop.
The project is financed by a grant provided by the Belgian government (FINEXPO) where the cost for installation, maintenance, distribution, and all other additional services are all included in the project.
Thanks to the great collaboration between the Surinamese and Belgian governments, local partners in Suriname and our BOSAQ engineers this project was made possible.

"Good partnerships are the basis of every successful project. If partners trust each other and the project is supported from everyone then true impact can be achieved in a sustainable way. In Boslanti, where BOSAQ installed its first drinking water purification system, the partnership with the local population, the federal government, and the Suriname technical partner HSW was crucial for a successful deployment of the system and the buying from all stakeholders. Without strong partnerships, projects are not possible.”

Jacob Bossaer - CEO & Founder at BOSAQ


The future is promising for Suriname as 4 additional communities will get drinking water with the Q-Drop technology in the near future. Jacob Bossaer agreed with the minister of Finance A. Achaibersing, Minister of Natural Resources and the Vice-President of Suriname R. Brunswijk to install 10 additional Q-Drop system by a signed contract between BOSAQ and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

This will pave the way to sustainable access to drinking water in off-grid areas in Suriname.

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