MEET THE TEAM – Tijs Noyez, Water Engineer


My passions are sustainability and making a change in the world in any small way possible, making any kind of social impact and knowing that I’m doing something socially relevant. 

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?  

Alright, so my name is Tijs Noyez and I’m 27 years old. I live in Ghent and I studied bioscience engineering. After this, I started working in the wastewater treatment sector in the Netherlands. And then, after three years, I changed jobs, and now I’m here at BOSAQ.  

What is your job right now and what is your day to day like? 

I’ve been working for BOSAQ for one month now and at first I got a lot of information. So processing all that information was already a job in itself. Now I’m working as a water engineer and I’m commissioning the installations here in the workshop. So it’s a very hands on job, doing tests and producing chemicals for cleaning the membranes and reporting on the results of these tests. I also have to test new setups and learn from the mistakes and problems I encounter.  I’ve got a good kind of responsibility already and there’s a lot of communication between all of the colleagues.  

What motivated you to apply for BOSAQ? 

When I was searching for a new job, there were a couple of boxes I wanted to check and with BOSAQ, this was the case: it has a social impact and sustainability is high on the agenda. And yeah, I really wanted to use my hands-on mentality as well, so I found everything what I was looking for here.  

Any fun anecdotes from your first few months?

All my colleagues are very, very nice, and I like the working environment. The job content is also very broad. There’s a lot of things you can do a lot of things you have to do, and the flexible mindset at BOSAQ is also something that really suits my personality. During the first two weeks we already had a barbecue with the whole team. For me that was like a good start to start to get to know everyone in a non work context.  


Dimitri Van Vossel

Head Administration

As the Head of Administration for BOSAQ, Dimitri has an extensive range of duties, from planning and coordinating administrative procedures and systems and devising ways to streamline processes to setting up HR policies and accountancy. On top of that, he fulfills PA-duties for Jacob, BOSAQ's CEO, and lends general business support in terms of administration.

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