News From BOSAQ - 2023 In Pictures

Join us for the key highlights of 2023

2023 was a pivotal year for BOSAQ. We successfully delivered impactful projects for Industries, to help reduce their reliance on water sources, and for Governments, by providing decentralized high-quality drinking water to communities in remote areas.
This was made possible through the support and contribution of our amazing team, partners, and supporters. Thank you.
Join us for the key highlights of 2023.

Quarter 1

Ghana: Working together with the National Agency for Community Water & Sanitation, CWSA, Ghana to provide ~ 7.000 people with easy and safe access to decentralized high-quality drinking water.

In the news: BOSAQ was in De Tijd, for its positive global impact, providing decentralised drinking water to communities in remote areas, especially in times of climate change and water scarcity.

Aquafin: The BOSAQ team together with Aquafin successfully commissioned its pilot installations for water reuse (Q-Drop Vikos) and rainwater use (Q-Drop Iguazu) to test the potential for circular water use thereby reducing the pressure on groundwater reservoir.

Quarter 2

TotalEnergies: The BOSAQ team together with TotalEnergies, and Arteco joined forces for sustainable water management, in the production of coolants, by reducing its consumption of tap water by at least 25.000 m³ per year.

Expansion: BOSAQ is growing fast. To meet the growing demand, BOSAQ has expanded its operations to Bulgaria. Meet our wonderful Bulgarian team.

Suriname II: The CEO and founder of BOSAQ, met the President of Suriname, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Ambassador from Suriname to Belgium, to present the cheque valued at €2.5 million, from the G-STIC Climate Action Program. This project will benefit 13 villages, by providing them with easy access to clean and safe drinking water.

Quarter 3

Moldova: The Moldovan Minister of Infrastructure, the Minister of Environment, and the Moldovan Ambassador met the CEO and founder of BOSAQ, to discuss the decentralized drinking water project in Moldova, resulting in the issuance of the priority letter by the Prime Minister of Moldova.

Rwanda: After the successful commissioning of Q-Drop Iguazu in 2022, which provided 2.000 school children with access to clean drinking water in their playground, BOSAQ has now also installed the tap water system for the community. This will enable the excess drinking water to be sold to the community fostering well-being and sustainability.

Prominent leaders visit BOSAQ: The BOSAQ team had the honor to host prominent national and international leaders including the Chairman of the National Assembly and the Minister of Natural Resources from Suriname, and the Member of Belgium Federal Parliament, at its headquarters in Deinze.

Quarter 4

Key global events: BOSAQ participated in COP-28 as part of the Belgian delegation, which included 20 technology companies offering sustainable solutions to combat climate change.

In the news: BOSAQ was published in Trends as an inspirational technology company with a positive global impact. ''Het gaat niet om moeilijk doen, maar om het juiste doen'', Jacob Bossaer, CEO and Founder of BOSAQ.

Visit of the Prime Minister of Belgium: The BOSAQ team was honored to host Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, Mayor Jan Vermeulen, Governor Carina Van Cauter, Ambassadors from across the globe, and business giants from the water sector at its headquarters in Deinze.

As we step into 2024, we are fully geared up and motivated to further our impact and reach by delivering on the multi-million projects in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more information about these projects.
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