Pieter Derboven


Pieter Derboven

Dr. Ir. Pieter Derboven owns a Master's degree and a Ph.D. in Engineering chemical technology at Ghent University.

He has gained experience in the industry at Omnichem as an R&D engineer. He immediately hopped on the idea of joining Jacob in developing and building decentralized drinking water treatment units for BOSAQ toward a world where everyone has access to premium drinking water. He is now Head of the technical department of BOSAQ with his main focus on product development.

His excellent analytic mind, research experience, and people management skills are the perfect assets to solve the technical challenges of BOSAQ. He also has a vision and social engagement that fits perfectly the values BOSAQ stands for.

As the right hand of Jacob, Pieter is the main driver in determining the strategy of BOSAQ, fully complementary to his work methodology of Jacob. Besides his activities at BOSAQ, Pieter loves to do different kinds of sports (surf, gymnastics, running) and is a guitar player in a band that plays world music.

Once in a while he escapes society and goes for an adventurous trip in the wild.

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