BOSAQ at the Aquarama water technology trade fair

BOSAQ - The Off-Grid water technology expert during a Watercircle workshop at the Aquarama trade fair

On the 25th of October BOSAQ was invited to speak during the workshop Watercircle; sustainable water management in the industry. The workshop was part of the Aquarama trade fair for water technology, Belgium’s biggest water technology fair.

Sustainability is one of our core drivers; the most important factor we use for decisions on suppliers, technology and materials we use for our units. Not only for the benefit of our environment but also to guarantee our customers a sustainable, robust product with a long life cycle. Minimizing maintenance costs and energy use. That is why BOSAQ got invited by TNAV and WaterCircle as a sustainable player in the water industry. As the newest technologies are being introduced at Aquarama trade fair, it is a must for us to attend and snoop around to see what’s new. New technologies are being tested by our engineers on economic feasibility as well as on efficiency and applicability.

Dr. Ir. Pieter Derbovenour Chief Technology Officer, came to talk about the challenges and opportunities in off-grid technology. Not only answering the questions as to what should be taken into account building off-grid water technology applications. But also on what logistic constraints there are towards weight and size, what challenges are we facing regarding remote monitoring and predictive maintenance  and what strength limits and material selections are there to cope with sometimes harsh environmental conditions?

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