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BOSAQ featured at GT Impact’s Mission First – Entrepreneurs for future

Every month GT Impact's Mission First conducts a podcast to learn from successful entrepreneurs who are building a sustainable future for the planet and people. This month BOSAQ was featured in the podcast series, as the sustainable company, that aims to bring clean drinking water to 1.5 million people across the globe.

Jacob Bossaer, CEO and founder of BOSAQ was invited to share the key insights from successfully growing BOSAQ’s B2G footprint across Europe, Africa and, Latin America in a short period of time. Jacob shared 6 Do’s and Don’ts on growing B2G and selling to governments with Gilles Toussaint, Founder and podcast host at Mission First podcast series.

Jacob shared his entrepreneurial advice 💡 on;

  • how crucial it is to know the key decision-makers in the organization
  • how to do research
  • how to not forget the human touch
  • to be patient
  • the importance of “What’s in it for me?”
  • how to listen actively

🎧 Listen to the full podcast episode below 👇

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