Water for Ukraine

Water Heroes, with the support of its donors and partners, is paving the way to safe and clean drinking water for those who need it the most.

Water Heroes, originally founded by BOSAQ, is a non-profit organization, which provides access to clean and safe drinking water to those who need it the most.

With the war in Ukraine, thousands of people including children faced acute water shortages while under constant threat of bombardment.

In March, Water Heroes decided to roll out a campaign to raise funds to provide a consistent supply of clean drinking water to the people of Ukraine.

Water Heroes engaged with

  • Organizations and individuals across Europe to raise funds and,
  • BOSAQ to construct water purification systems.

After days of effort and engagement, Water Heroes was able to raise €63,000. In the meanwhile, BOSAQ had multiple rounds of discussions with the Ukrainian partners and local engineers to design a bespoke drinking water purification system, Q-Drop Yellowstone for disaster relief in Mykolaiv and Kharkiv.

Q-Drop Yellowstone is a complete solution. An electric generator is used to pump water from the borehole into the installation which is then converted into high-quality clean drinking water at 1,000 liters/hour, by using the latest membrane technology. It is easy to use (the manual valves are operated each couple of hours), cheap and offers a compact solution, equivalent to the size of a fridge (H: 220cm x W: 80cm x D: 95cm). While a truckload of bottled water can transport approximately 24,000 liters, each installation of Q-Drop Yellowstone produces the same quantity of water every 24 hours, providing 10,000 Ukrainians with high-quality clean drinking water each day.

The installations were constructed in record time. Once they were locally tested, and packaged, the CEO and founder of BOSAQ, Jacob Bossaer, traveled 1,650 km to accompany and personally hand over the first two installations to our local partners in Ukraine. 

To date, three installations of Q-Drop Yellowstone, and 10,000 liters of bottled water have been successfully delivered to Ukraine. These three installations have a combined capacity to convert borehole water into high-quality clean drinking water at 3,000 liters/ hour which can be used by up to 30,000 Ukrainians each day.

  • Installation 1 is successfully installed in Kharkiv with excellent drinking water quality results.
  • Installation 2 in Mykolaiv was initially connected to the wrong source of water (brackish) but has now been reinstalled to the right source. The related lab results, to confirm the water quality, are expected soon.
  • Installation 3, donated by Aquaduin, has reached Lviv. It will soon be installed, once the source water testing is complete.
  • 10,000 liters of drinking water bottles, donated by AquaFlanders, have also been delivered to Lviv. These will be distributed in local logistic centers.

Due to the ongoing war, BOSAQ engineers connected with the Ukrainian engineers and local partners, online and by phone to monitor, guide, and provide support when required.

This was made possible by the support of all organizations especially AquaFlanders (donated 10,000 liters of water and paid for the transportation of the third installation and water), Aquaduin (donated the third installation of Q-Drop Yellowstone), De Watergroep, Montea, Georg Fischer, Rotary Ronse, NX Filtration, and all individual donors who contributed to make this a reality. 🤝

Stay tuned for more information on this project.

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