INTERVIEW – Tom Vandekerckhove, Managing Director Water Experts


  • Why are you so passionate about water?

Water is essential to all existance. We can survive for 8 to 21 days without food, but we can only last for 3 days without water. Up to 60% of our human body is water. It regulates our body temperature, moistens our eyes, nose and mouth, carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells,… Not only humans, but all life relies on water! Some organisms can even cope without oxygen, but not without water, it is the one common demeanor for all living organisms.

Not only life, but also climate is affected strongly by water. The ocean currents regulate global temperature and transport essential nutrients all over the planet. Water vapor creates clouds and provide our lands with rainfall, which forms our rivers, lakes and groundwater reservoirs.

The fact ‘no water, no life’ is very simple, but the nature of water and all that is involved is so complex and extremely interesting! I can go on for hours, but I’ll stick to this:

‘As complex as water can be, its importance is simple: no water, no life!’

  • How do you contribute each day to solving the water crisis?

There is only so much one person can do to solve a crisis… That is why I try to create awareness wherever I go. Trying and helping to create a mass movement of people that actively contribute to conserving water. There is probably not a day that goes by where I don’t talk about water. Everyone talks about me as ‘the water man’ and the most frequent question I get when I meet friends is ‘how is the water doing?’. Then I answer ‘everyday a bit better thanks to your efforts’!

Through Water Experts, BOSAQ and Water Heroes, our team helps industries, governments and communities conserve water, improve water quality, implement water reuse and increase access to clean drinking water.

That is how we solve a crisis, by involving all stakeholders and getting everyone on board to contribute. Otherwise, each stakeholder will look at the other to take action. Proactively serving as the connecting link between all stakeholders is an ideal position to be.


  • Why do you love working for Water Experts?

Our vision and values reflect my personal feelings and ambitions. Thanks to that, I wake up everyday actively working on achieving my own dreams and vision. I don’t work for Water Experts, I live for Water Experts!

The great feedback from our clients, the impact we generate by contributing to a water efficient society, having team members with the same vision and values, redirecting 10% of our profits to Water Heroes and providing drinking water to people without the means to get water, the freedom we provide to people by removing the limiting factor of water scarcity,… Those are the things we live for!


  • How do you handle clients?

Clients are people! People with feelings, desires, ambitions, fears,… I handle clients as I handle every person I meet, with kindness, optimism, integrity,… I try to understand the person in front of me, personally and professionally. Figure out how we can help them achieve their wishes and needs, not sell for the sake of profit. We can only solve crises by collaborating on an interdisciplinary manner. That means we can’t handle each other for our own self interest, we need to work together to achieve goals that are beneficial to everyone.


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