Outsourcing water management

Inefficient water management is one of the factors that contributes to today's global water crisis.

Inefficient water management is one of the factors that contributes to today's global water crisis. We use far too much water at both household and commercial level, and centralized systems of management are not always the most efficient way of distributing and controlling the water supply.

New ways of organizing water management at a more local level offer a useful solution to today's challenges, allowing smaller units (individual companies, neighbourhoods or even households) to improve management practices and take control of water services to tailor their usage and meet their needs.

How does outsourcing water management work?

The outsourcing model is an alternative way of managing the water supply. In this system, a company or organization that specializes in water services can provide tailored services and products including:

· water audits that look at ways that managing existing water supplies can be modified to reduce water usage using a more sustainable and multidisciplinary approach

· the latest in water technology such as on-site water treatment systems. These can provide alternative supplies of (drinking) water to the same (or better) standards as centralized municipal systems, making use of recycled water and thus reducing the water footprint. These systems can be maintained and operated by fully trained internal or external staff.

Many forward-thinking businesses are now investing in water management outsourcing to bring in expertise and utilise new technology to provide alternative water supplies.

Benefits of water management outsourcing

Advantages of moving to an outsourced management model include:

  • Reduced costs – these can range from becoming more efficient in water usage to reduce waste and bills, through to investing in on-site technology to produce your own water supply. This cuts down on waste through recycling and is cheaper to maintain as you won't need to shell out on expensive repair costs caused by aging centralized infrastructure.
  • More environmentally-friendly – by switching to an outsourced supply system that recycles wastewater and returns it directly to the system, you can cut down greatly on pollution. Currently around 80% of global wastewater is dumped untreated into waterways.
  • Flexibility – through providing tailored local expertise, outsourced operations are better placed to address and respond to changing operational conditions and needs. You can focus on your core business while a specialized company manages your water most efficiently for you.
  • Can help meet regulatory standards – the latest in water management technology coupled with the expertise on offer means that you will have access to a wealth of data and analytics, improving your monitoring capabilities and ensuring all standards are met, including recently introduced EU regulations

Water management outsourcing in practice

Businesses in Flanders, Belgium – such as the Gust'eaux restaurant in Kuurne – have embraced the new technologies available to switch to a renewable supply of drinking water made entirely from recycled water. The water is produced through an on-site treatment and purification system that transforms supplies such as wastewater, rainwater and saltwater into a continuous and affordable potable water supply.

Also in Belgium, AG Real Estate has outsourced its water management to bring in technical expertise and draw up a plan to decrease its water use by 30% by 2025. The plan involves using the latest technological solutions as well as promoting sustainable water use and greater awareness of water issues among tenants.

Looking to improve your water management practices? Water Experts can help you transition to a water-sustainable business or community through its products and services including full water audits to reduce water consumption and advice on how to achieve circular water use..

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