BOSAQ is a water expert with a goal:
to help tackle the looming global water crisis and provide the world with sustainable drinking water.



A modular water treatment system that converts salty, brackish and fresh water into drinking water.


  • Exclusively powered by renewable energy
  • No waste streams
  • No impact on ecosystem
  • Produces 50 – 200 – 1000 l/h
  • Size: mobile – skid – container
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  • By 2030 the world could face a 40% water shortfall

    - UN


  • 1 MILLION WATER-RELATED DEATHS per year. Every 90 seconds a child dies

    - WHO

  • 1.8 BILLION PEOPLE (27%) drink water coming from contaminated water sources

    - UN

  • By 2025, 50% of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas

    - WHO

  • By 2030 the world could face a 40% water shortfall

    - UN


We help organisations to save water and money. Our in-house specialists audit your organisation’s water use and give strategic recommendations to drastically reduce the amount of water used.

Our specialties: integrated water management & wastewater treatment.

We help your organisation to become more sustainable and save money in the meanwhile.

Return on investment:
1 - 6 years

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In order to increase our social impact, we donate 10% of our profits to Water Heroes, a self-managed non-profit organisation that offers our products to those who need it the most


BOSAQ selected for The Venture final

BOSAQ was selected among the five best Belgian social entrepreneurs by the members of the jury of The Venture. The Venture is a $1Million annual fund and global search to reward those who are using business to create positive change.

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Support BOSAQ through WinWinner

BOSAQ is looking for people who want to support our startup financially. We have set up a win/win loan which can lead to a return of up to 4.75% on the amount of money you’ve invested.

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