BOSAQ presents water purification machine SolarAQ to NGOs and stakeholders

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BOSAQ presents water purification machine SolarAQ to NGOs and stakeholders

In Kruishoutem, BOSAQ presented the SolarAQ water purification machine to some sixty people. Interested representatives of NGOs, cleantech organizations, investors, family, and friends attended the presentations of CEO Jacob Bossaer and others.

We are in the final phase of the development of SolarAQ” says Jacob Bossaer, CEO and founder of the company.

We want to show our stakeholders and potential customers what we have built. The SolarAQ 1 is our first prototype that is as good as finished. It is a mobile machine that can produce approximately 200 litres of fresh drinking water per hour. We are still working on a machine that produces 2,000 litres per hour and later also one that produces 5,000 to 10,000 litres per hour, in a container format“.

BOSAQ tries in different ways to build solutions for the global water crisis. “As a consultant, we help companies with their water management: we teach them how to use less water and how to optimise their water systems” says Bossaer. “But at the same time, we’re also working on our water purifier. We are now trying to start a project in Rwanda, where we want to apply this technology.

The participants at the showcase event in Kruishoutem reacted enthusiastically. “BOSAQ was looking for contacts in Rwanda, we already have them“, says Frederic Deprez of the NGO Umubano vzw and representative of Flanders Investment & Trade. “I think we can be a good partner to find a joint project.

Stef Denayer, managing director at Cleantech Flanders: “This is the initial phase, but we can see which developments are still to come. We are very happy about this.


Jacob Bossaer

Founder & CEO

Jacob is the founder and CEO of BOSAQ. He has founded BOSAQ and Water Heroes to provide a sustainable water solution to the world, right after coming back from one of the most extreme places on earth.

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