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The latest World Water Development report (WWDR) now published, is giving us an overview of the different activities conducted by the United Nations when facing the on-going mission to provide EVERYONE with safe drinking water. At BOSAQ, we are following them in reaching their goals of leaving no one behind.

The WWDR 2019, provides some valuable insights on the current worldwide water situation, raising some shocking numbers on the social inequalities
while focusing on the water-stressed and poorly-sanitated areas. It emphasizes the concern that marginalized communities are facing regarding the lack
of access to safe, affordable and reliable drinking water and sanitation services resulting in poverty and strong social inequalities where the wealthy generally
receives higher levels of services at a lower price than the poor who often pays a much higher price for a similar even less quality service.

Their report also provides clear solutions in how we, together, can overcome both exclusions and inequalities in;

Using a human rights-based approach,
Investing in water supply, water saving systems and sanitation,
Promoting good governance,
Tailored technology that help ensure that affordable water supply and sanitation services are available to all.

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