First Pilot Project Premium Water

BOSAQ’s first Premium Water Project in Suriname

The project aims to provide the resorts with premium quality water for its guests to enjoy. As the resorts are very remote it is currently very dependent on a logistic supply chain via boats for its drinking water supply. Water bottles are being shipped per boat to the resorts, to ensure the visitors have safe drinking water available during their stay, the water is also used for cooking. This is not only not very sustainable, it’s also costly.


Suriname, a land with a deep colonial history, inhabits 568.29 people with an increase of one percent each year. Suriname benefits from abundant water resources 230.000m3 per capita per year. Most of the water supply is dependent on groundwater resources, mostly coming from confined aquifers that are not rechargeable. Although Suriname did a big effort to meet the Millennium Development Goal for water and sanitation, there is still a grave disparity between rural coastal, rural interior and urban areas for its water supply. With rural interior households seriously lacking behind on safe drinking supply and access to improved sanitation. One third of rural interior households do not have access to safe drinking water, and less than half of all households have access to improved sanitation.

Needless to say that still major improvements can be made. Suriname is still facing challenges regarding sustainable water supply for the growing demand for drinking water.


Both in the very idyllic remote resorts, Plantage Resort Frederiksdorp and Danpaati river lodge, BOSAQ will provide premium bottled drinking water, purifying river, rain or swamp water surrounding the lodges into premium drinking water. Currently we are having our first prospecting trip, discovering the lands of Suriname, its people and their way of doing business.


Danpaati River Lodge a little paradise located on an island in the middle of the amazon rainforest. Home to the Maroon population. The lodge has an occupancy rate of eighty people per day, in need of 350L per day to provide its guests with sufficient drinking water and for all cooking purposes. The lodge has a water tower with a capacity of (+/- 7m3), the system is used for all water supply, such as shower, toilet, pool and other.

No rain water is used as there is sufficient water available from the river surrounding the lodge. However drinking water is provided via bottled water and drinking water dispensers. This is shipped with boats to the lodge, making them very dependent on the logistic supply chain and is also very costly. Furthermore the resort is looking for new and improved ways to decrease their CO2 footprint and plastic waste.


Plantage Resort Frederiksdorp is a former 18th century coffee and cocoa plantation. It is located on the right bank of the Commewijne River in Suriname. The estate measures 300 hectares of land and has been declared as a historical heritage. Its former plantations, fishing villages, sea beaches, mangroves, forests and wetlands have now been converted to a beautiful resort.

The resort uses rain water in the wet season and swamp water in dry season for its water supply, such as shower, toilet and other. The current water purification system is used for all purposes but drinking water. As in Danpaati River Lodge, Frederiksdorp is also dependent on bottled water and water dispensers for its drinking water supply and cooking.

Lodging 80 guests daily, the resort needs 350 litters of premium drinking water per day, 150 litters for drinking and 200 litters for cooking. Using only plastic bottles, the resort is also looking for more CO2 neutral and cost efficient solutions.


As mentioned above, Suriname is very dependent on groundwater resources, mostly coming from confined aquifers, for its (bottled and centralized) drinking water supply. This is not sustainable in the long run as these aquifers are not rechargeable. But as there is a lot of surface water available, it is easy to make use of other water resources for the growing demand of drinking water. A premium quality drinking standard needs to be guaranteed.

BOSAQ technology will guarantee this high quality standard and the technology being used matches this demand perfectly. On site, eliminating CO2 emissions, through membrane technology and remineralization safe and highly tailored (added minerals for a tailor taste) is being used to purify surrounding surface water according to the premium drinking standards. With this solution we tackle three challenges the lodges are currently coping with;

  • High cost and high dependence on logistic supply chain of bottled water being shipped with boats
  • Plastic waste
  • Pressure on groundwater resources for its drinking water supply

Reusable bottles and glass bottles will be used for our premium water brand, eliminating plastic waste, creating awareness among guests while still ensuring maximum convenience for their hydration need during their stay.

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