BOSAQ signs a strategic partnership with Love Tomorrow

BOSAQ signs a strategic partnership with Love Tomorrow

BOSAQ reinforcing sustainability together with Tomorrowland

We are extremely happy to announce that we have signed a strategic partnership with Tomorrowland for the 5 coming years!

Love Tomorrow, the Tomorrowland platform that creates added value for the sustainable development of the environment and the people, does understand the ecological impact festivals have on the environment and they are now taking the right steps towards a better Tomorrow.
As their social and environmental impact is of great importance worldwide, they are taking the lead to, once again, inspire the people of Tomorrow in shaping a promising and sustainable future for the water together with us.

Festivals, particularly those lasting several days can use considerable amounts of water. This may be through showers, taps, bottled drinking water etc. The environmental effects of festivals could be in the form of unnecessary wasted water, poor disposal of waste water, and potential pollution. This is where BOSAQ steps in… Together with our consultancy, Water Experts, we aim at reducing the water consumption by 50% and with our newest bottled water concept, Source Zero., we are working towards the elimination of transport and plastic pollution reducing considerably environmental pollution in overall at the festival.

But as a company, we also breathe Love Tomorrow’s core values:

  • Responsibility: By reducing the impact of plastic pollution on the environment;
  • Nature: By using the water that is available to us, locally at Tomorrowland;
  • Innovation: By using our sustainable technology, the Q-Drop, together with the help of our amazing water engineers;
  • Health: By giving to the People of Tomorrow the Water of Tomorrow. A healthy mineral balance and Sustainable drinking water;
  • Respect: By creating an impact on society by supporting and becoming a Water Hero.
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