BOSAQ comes closer to becoming the number #1 in decentralized drinking water purification supply, worldwide.

BOSAQ comes closer to becoming #1 in decentralized drinking water purification supply.


BOSAQ has signed a contract with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Suriname. The contract entails the making and supply of 5 Q-Drop II container systems, our decentralized drinking water purification plant, which converts any type of ambient water into drinking water. The devices make use of membrane technology to purify the water and are solely powered by solar energy. Those drinking water plants are the perfect solution for the villages situated in the jungle alongside the Surinamese river as it is very difficult for their inhabitants to access safe drinking water. They will supply drinking water to 3 to 4 thousand people.

Our story with Suriname started in 2018…

After a few prospecting trips in Suriname, BOSAQ saw the opportunity to implement its decentralized drinking water purification systems as many villages, hotels, and resorts, which are located in isolated areas that have difficulties accessing the central drinking water supply or electricity.

The inhabitants and resorts rely mostly on plastic bottles to obtain drinking water. Those are shipped by boat so visitors and locals can get safe drinking water.

In 2018, BOSAQ introduced its own local made premium water brand Source Zero. to resorts in view of helping them accessing safe drinking water by purifying the local water source. While reducing logistics costs, the resorts started to use reusable bottles to also reduce plastic pollution while serving high-quality premium drinking water to its guests.

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2019, the story continues to grow…

No later than this year, the Q-Drop II was introduced to the Ministry of Natural Resources as a solution to help remote villages and their inhabitants access safe drinking water.

Seeing the suitability of our devices in regards to the drinking water challenges, the Ministry of Natural Resources of Suriname has granted us permission to install 5 of our installations in 5 different villages; Bendikwai, Grantatai, Kamaloea, Dang, Padalafanti.

In 2 years time, BOSAQ has proven its expertise with clients in the government (E.g.: the Kruger National Park in South Africa, the Surinamese government and De Watergroep) but also in the private sector in South Africa, Suriname and Belgium where we also got the attention of the largest music festival in the world, Tomorrowland.

De WaterGroep

Tomorrowland & Love Tomorrow

Kruger National Park

Signing such a contract with the Surinamese government is an extremely motivating factor and a rewarding project that helps to reach the vision of our company.

Drinking water anywhere, anytime!

This contract also strengthens our social ambition and self-funded NGO, Water Heroes, which receives 10% of our profit. Water Heroes also gets money from the industry through CSR campaigns linked to engineering advice at large corporate companies.

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