Product Showcase Q-Drop I in Rwanda

The Showcase of Q-Drop in Rwanda. A safe water supply in the Integrated Development Project model villages.

Q-Drop showcased in Rwanda

A delegation of our team went to Rwanda for the product showcase of the Q-Drop I, a decentralized water treatment system that runs on renewable energy and offers a steady and safe water supply. Rwanda’s vision 2020 intends reshaping rural settlement through adapting an all-inclusive rural settlement model, better known as ‘Integrated Development Programme’ model village, that centers on providing access to clean water, electricity, health facilities, common marketplace, smart classrooms, improved road networks, among other things. In the context of this project, BOSAQ flew out to Rwanda to meet with local authorities and other stakeholders.
To ensure the quality of our drinking water purified by our unit a lab test was made. On all ten parameters our Q-Drop I passed the test. We got a certificate that proves our drinking water meets all physical, chemical and bacteriological requirements.

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